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Copyright, the Public Domain and the Commons

A number of years ago, open education was a term I found  interesting but I did not see how I could apply it in my present position. Fast forward, now I am at a different place and have a different … Continue reading

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The End of Another Semester

I always feel a little sad at the end of every semester when I go to post my last announcement. In a way I feel a great deal of pride knowing that I facilitated in the learning of others. Education … Continue reading

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What Really Matters

Today I was proctoring the NYS Math exam. As I walked around the classroom I noticed a sheet of paper behind the teachers desk. It was the inspirational poem by Michael Josephson What Will Matter. I paused to read it … Continue reading

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I have straddled the fence for sometime. Not quite sure where my passion is the strongest. Do I work k-12 or move on to higher ed? Having worked in k-12 for the past 13 years I guess the safe bet … Continue reading

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My Personal Learning

When I first started using the internet the main purpose was to search and find information. It led me to reading blogs. I liked reading what other people had to say so I can honestly say I read  A LOT … Continue reading

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Career Decisions

This past week as my husband and I drove my middle child back to college I got to thinking about her road ahead. She will be graduating in May and her future has yet to be realized. While she is … Continue reading

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School is Out But Learning Still Goes On

I get upset with myself when I look back at my blog and see that I have not regularly been keeping up. I make excuses to myself and try to come to terms with the fact and say I am … Continue reading

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Where I Stand

I have worked at the same school district for over 11 years. In that time my thinking and views on education have changed. I was hoping that my district would change and move forward. I read and talked to people … Continue reading

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The Importance of Social Media In Education

I started this post in late October and was interrupted in the middle by a phone call from my sister. That phone call has altered my life. The news was not good, her husband’s trip to the doctor’s office revealed he … Continue reading

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Evaluating Learning

For the last four weeks I have spent part of my day in a classroom with three other educators. This classroom has twenty-four students. It has been a struggle each and everyday. I am tempted to describe the class in this … Continue reading

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