Where I Stand

I have worked at the same school district for over 11 years. In that time my thinking and views on education have changed. I was hoping that my district would change and move forward. I read and talked to people on twitter about change happening around  the world. After a recent meeting with administrators and the technology coordinator in my district I have come to the conclusion we are not moving in the same direction. That is a scary outlook when you think about it. Then I started thinking about this past fall, the joy and excitement I had in a class I joined #ECI831.  One of the guest speakers was Dave Cormier. On this particular night a portion of the class discussion revolved around three outcomes the workers, soldiers, and nomads.  At the time I did not apply his theories to my own life. It is only now as I try to make sense of where and what I need for the future does his words have importance in my life. He believed learning should be self-directed which I agree with. That is why I feel like I have to discover new paths. Leave and look for new opportunities.

Old Assumption

Before I graduated from grad school, I thought once I had the degree and the credentials then I would have the ticket, the position would be there. I would be happy and free to do what is needed to help others understand the world in which we live. I was wrong on that one.

Which brings me to the ultimate question I have asked myself, “What do you want to do with yourself?” I realized the answer to that question after reading Dean Shareski’s posting Understanding the Digital Divide. I am looking to connect with people and ideas, be part of a community who cares about learning. My degree, MSED Educational Technology is what I worked so hard to obtain.  I love the excitement and creative nature that the field has to offer. The novelty of the acquiring the latest hardware and new tools no longer satisfies me.  So what do I want to focus my energies on? I guess it has to do with connecting with different people from around the world. I agree with Dean when he mentions the divide is vast. I have witnessed that similar experiences. But I think this is what has shaped my thinking most of all. I want to be someone to help narrow that gap. I like connecting with others, sharing, and creating learning experiences that are authentic and rich. There you have it, what I want to do!

I did not attend the Educon conference but I do know if I want to follow the discussions and issues I can find more information online via Twitter using #educon. Like Dean, there are many smart people out there willing to share their thoughts. What has been your experience? How have you influenced someones learning?

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