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Playing to learn

There was a time when I thought learning was information that was taught to students by a teacher. That has all changed for me when I started using social media. The more I used my PLN I realized my beliefs were out … Continue reading

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Introduction to Blogs and Wikis

I meet with the principal to discuss professional opportunities, sharing information on technology with the faculty. After what seemed to be a long and difficult conversation he agreed to let me have one 45 minute in the middle of January to … Continue reading

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Change is good

Today I was sent a link to a news story from New York City. It was the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg of Chancellor Joel Klein stepping down and being replaced by Cathie Black. The reason this is so meaningful is what came … Continue reading

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Why I Like Google

Teachers always want information, I find the best answer usually can be found using google. There are always many options using google products. Here are some to try.

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Learning Using Social Media

It has been almost a year since I finished graduate school. I took the summer off to get “readjusted to life after grad school.” What I realized was my learning had just started. I picked up on Twitter and have been … Continue reading

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Personal Goals

When students are encouraged to set personal  goals for themselves they are more likely to take ownership of their learning. For math, if you want students to learn their math facts my colleague Kim told students the test day and … Continue reading

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Game Changer

A parent sent me a link to a NY Times article about a child and an iPad. This video and clip speak volumes about the possibilities that technology can have on the lives of students with disabilities. When are insurance … Continue reading

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