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Time Gets Away

I realized tonight I have not been posting for some time and I need to get back to doing it more regularly. It is not that I have not been on-line or not had any reflections I wanted to share, I … Continue reading

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Smartboards spurs teachers

Everyone at NSES is excited because the new smartboards are here. Two of them are up and running on each floor. Training has begun with all the teachers huddling together sharing ideas. That is a great thing! Many came in early to … Continue reading

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When Politicians Talk About Education Reform

We are at a pivotal time in history when the digital age is transforming the world as we know it. Education is no exception to change. When politicians begin the discussion it is important for everyone to enter the discussion … Continue reading

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Playing to learn

There was a time when I thought learning was information that was taught to students by a teacher. That has all changed for me when I started using social media. The more I used my PLN I realized my beliefs were out … Continue reading

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Change is good

Today I was sent a link to a news story from New York City. It was the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg of Chancellor Joel Klein stepping down and being replaced by Cathie Black. The reason this is so meaningful is what came … Continue reading

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That one word can cause so much frustration, kill creativity, and keep education locked into the 20th century way of learning. I welcome the day when administrators truly understand what teachers and other educators are trying to accomplish by giving them … Continue reading

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New school year new beginnings

As the doors open and students fill the classrooms, my goal will be to reach out beyond the walls of our building to make my students feel more connected with students around the world. It is all about social media and … Continue reading

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All types of learners

I have come to  realize that when you think of learners you must think of everyone that can include parents, relatives, and yes administrators. Students are the people who usually come to mind when you typically think of learners but … Continue reading

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I ran across this article on thinking in Eutopia. Smart thinking feed your brain. It links to another important idea redesigning schools: “Big Ideas for Better Schools: Ten Ways to Improve Education.”

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