My Personal Learning

When I first started using the internet the main purpose was to search and find information. It led me to reading blogs. I liked reading what other people had to say so I can honestly say I read  A LOT of blogs. Reading blogs went something like this: if I liked a blog I would start following that blogger. In addition, I would read who that blogger followed and start reading those blogs.  Then I learned about RSS, which is one place where I could go to see if there was a new post for all the blogs that I  was following. There are some amazing bloggers out there who opened up my thinking. In fact, the inspiration for this post comes from reading Alan Levine post The Question Should Be: Why Are You *Not* Blogging. It occurred to me after reading that post that the real reason I should blog is for myself. It is okay to record my thoughts. Everything does not always have to be about teaching someone else, it is can be for my personal learning.

When I found twitter everything changed for me. I loved the fact that it was instant, it was in the moment. I could get instant feedback. That was so cool for me. I have been on Twitter for a couple of years. I have to be honest when I first started Twitter took a little getting used to. I thought I had to follow everyone who followed me but I quickly learned that was not necessary. Twitter helped me  develop a more selective way of getting my information. I still read blogs but twitter helps me find the kind of information I want from the people I can rely on.

Which brings me to my current interest Open Education and MOOCs. I was reading my Twitter feed when I saw Clint LaLonde tweet about a MOOC facilitated by George Siemens called Open Education. #oped12  I was so excited because he was a guest speaker in another MOOC I was involved in called #ec&i 831.  His presentation intrigued me to take a closer look into what it meant to be open in education.   I like thinking about what that would look like in the future. I am looking forward to the dialogue and interaction. Have you ever been involved with a MOOC? What was your experience?

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4 Responses to My Personal Learning

  1. annehole says:

    Great to read about what brought you to #oped12. I too see it as an extension of a PLN built on blogs, Twitter and mainly these days Googleplus (I’m there at My work also relates to the construction of a network of resources to help colleagues develop their teaching so I am also wanting to try new tools as part of the MOOC experience and put myself in the student’s place for a change.

    • CathyGermano says:

      Thanks for commenting on my post. I have started using Google + but haven’t had the time to explore it in more detail. Maybe you can help me with that and I can share some of the tools that I have been using/experimenting with you! I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. maryakem says:

    This is my first MOOC and was a goal of mine after trying to infect my masters students with connectivist learning last year and getting bullet ridden. It worth it

    • CathyGermano says:

      I can only tell you that I loved my prior MOOC experience. Alec Couros was the instructor of the MOOC. I will be forever grateful to him and that course (#eci831) for enriching my learning. Connecting with others I agree is important, but it is equally important to find meaning for ones self. It is then when I believe the true experience of the MOOC is realized. I hope my postings can help you.

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