School is Out But Learning Still Goes On

I get upset with myself when I look back at my blog and see that I have not regularly been keeping up. I make excuses to myself and try to come to terms with the fact and say I am going to make more time. (Hopefully you will see that change) I have to remind myself the purpose is to record my thinking. I get caught up thinking that the posts have to be long and detailed.  This brings me to the topic of today’s post, what I find myself doing when school is not in session.

I am a life long learner. I love to read and experiment with technology and photography. Most summers besides taking the annual vacation to the Adirondacks with my husband and children, I spend my time taking part in webinars, reading, following Twitter and connecting with other educators. If there is a conference I am interested in and it is  available on live stream I will watch. When there is no feed I will follow the hashtag of the conference to see what I miss.  Some of my favorite people, the ones I follow on twitter  present at conferences all across the world. One thing that I like about Twitter  is that I can get other people’s perspective of the conference and presentations by following on Twitter. I feel it gives me a deeper understanding and it helps me grow. It sends me on new paths to explore.

I was reading about unconferences when I came upon an article by Mary Beth Hertz called Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration. After reading the article and clicking on a few links I realized I really liked how edcamps are organized and run. Having never been to one I decided I would try it. I spotted a link in the article that listed upcoming edcamps. I signed up for one which is being held not to far from here. I contacted a few friends to see if they would be interested in attending.  Even if they can’t make it, I look at it as an opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. The conference is in a couple weeks. I got an email today with a link to a google form. The organizers have created a google form that will feed into a google spreadsheet listing the attendees and some background information on them. This way you can visit other people’s blogs, see what they are interested in getting out of the conference and what they are comfortable sharing or presenting. I filled out my form and am excited to attend.

This is how I am spending my summer learning, what are you doing?  Have you ever attended an unconference? What was your experience like?

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