Introduction to Blogs and Wikis

I meet with the principal to discuss professional opportunities, sharing information on technology with the faculty. After what seemed to be a long and difficult conversation he agreed to let me have one 45 minute in the middle of January to introduce blogs and wikis to the faculty. I am still getting to know the faculty and staff but everyone here seems to be willing to learn more about these tools.This is the first year I am in the building full-time. Last year I was here half day and at another school half day.

This got me to start thinking about how to introduce wikis and blogs to educators/students who have never used them before. I will start with a short video showing a wiki or blog. The common craft video series is very good at explaining them. After explaining what they are,  I think it is relevant to discuss how educators can introduce guidelines for their use with students. Kim Cofino’s blog post Student Blogging Guidelines gave me ideas on how to accomplish this.

I am very anxious and excited to get this happening. Two teachers I work with are eager to start using the wiki in the classroom. We are waiting for the parents to sign off on parental permissions. I have no doubt this experience will engage students and lead to deeper student learning.

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