Back for a new year and new possibilities

I am excited because today is the first day back to school Star Studentsand I am recharged and ready to go. Students don’t start until next week so faculty and staff have a chance to get together and talk over new plans and get to know one another if they are new to the building. I am fortunate because many of the new additions to our building I know from earlier working opportunities.

What excites me the most is one of the teachers I will be working with,  a fourth grade teacher wants to start blogging with her class. It has been one of my goals to try to get teachers at this school to embrace the idea but they are so bogged down with testing that when I approach them with the idea, they feel so overwhelmed that it usually doesn’t happen. I am confident that if I can get one teacher up and blogging the idea will catch on. The big plan is to get everyone in the building making global connections! But I will take one step at a time. It is encouraging when the year starts out so positive! How is the beginning of your school year? What new ideas will you be incorportating to engage your students?

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