Summer Vacation

It is summer vacation and I love this time of year because of what it allows me to do. I love to discover new projects. It is a time to get creative. As I get ready for the upcoming school year I am focusing on what tools I can introduce to educators that will inspire them. I look for tools that will engage students’ learning. Here are a few of the tools that I am going to share:

Voice Thread -transforming media into collaborative spaces with video.

Storybird– Collaborative storytelling
voice, and text commenting

Quicklyst– online note-taking and creating outline tool that is easy to use.

Qwiki– delivering information in a short interactive story; provided via interactive video

From year to year I do not know which grades I am going to working with so I thought of tools that I could share with each level.  In addition to these tools, I have read and I am following people who are collaborating globally. It is my hope that I can add my name and my school to the list of schools that are involved in this initiative. If you would like to learn more check out these links:

Global Collaborative Projects

Exchange 2.0 Technology-enabled International Interaction

Hope your summer is rewarding, refreshing, and sparks more learning!

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