Flip Fading Away…Oh No

Today I read on twitter that Cisco has decided to pull the plug on their Flip video camera. They will no longer produce the small, simple to use video camera. I was saddened to hear this news. I love my HD flip camera which I have had since August. What a tremendous tool for the classroom. I have used it nearly everyday. By sharing this technological tool with my students it allows my students to create tutorials or directs focus on their presentation. I also share it with members of the faculty to allow them into my learning environment. It is a powerful learning tool that helps with self-reflection. My flip has served me well. There is no big bulky camera that takes weeks learning how to use. It was point and press the red button. I loved the fact that I could give the video camera to a 5-year-old and say go flip your buddy reading his story. The students would want to take turns reading and flipping.   I know technological advances displace older or obsolete models but this is a keeper and I hope my flip goes on to a long life.

Image Credits

Flip camera by CGermano24

Students flipping Reading Buddies by CGermano24

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