Time Gets Away

I realized tonight I have not been posting for some time and I need to get back to doing it more regularly. It is not that I have not been on-line or not had any reflections I wanted to share, I have. What has been so frustrating is making the time to sit down and reflect.

For instances, two weeks ago my third grade class completed their research project which combined science, writing, and technology. They had to choose an animal then we took them through the steps of a research project step by step. We covered such topics as taking notes and citing sources. In addition, we incorporated brushing up on some technology skills. How to find information using the internet, determining reliable sites, and designing an engaging presentation.  Powerpoint was the presentation tool for delivering our research topics. We used narration on the Powerpoint slides so we also discussed tone and inflection when we talk.  The classroom teacher was adamant  the students produce a written copy in the form of a book as well. We invited parents and other classes to the computer lab to see and hear our hard work. It was well received by all our guests.


Fresh after that project was completed our student teacher did a unit on biographies. Again each student could choose anyone they wanted and would need to do some research . This time the presentation was in the form of a living museum . The students dressed up and spoke in the 1st person as though they were that person. Using my flip camera I went around and videotaped each student. We are going to give it to our student teacher who leaves tomorrow.

Which brings me back to my reason for this post. It seems like I have so much to say but I need to make room in my hectic schedule to celebrate what we have accomplished and share my thoughts about the process. Is it me or do others feel the same way?

Image credits

Clock on Flickr by robstepaustralia

Research books by cgermano

Guests by cgermano

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