Assistive Technology Changes the Classroom

As part of my workday I assist a third grade child who uses assistive technologies. Today I realized something new. This child is breaking new ground, she along with her parents who advocate on her behalf have disrupted the way things are done at this building. The traditional way is being challenged and new demands are now before the educators.

How do they respond? For the classroom teacher it has meant change. Change in the way she operates her classroom, how she teaches, what she teaches, and most importantly that she is no longer the single entity providing knowledge to a student. The student is now receiving information from many sources, it is not controlled by a single person. This is big change.

I have struggled to accomplish more and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I came across the video “The Case Against Assistive Technology.” It has changed my perspective and made me realize the more I help even one student to learn I am really helping many students. They, students who use assistive technologies, they are the lighting rod bringing the bolt of lightning into archaic classrooms. They are leading the way for all students to benefit from technology.

Thank you Elizabeth for making me a better learner and teacher. Check out the video that sparked my revelation. How do you think assistive technology will change the classroom?

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