Social Media Connection

 I was curious what Twitter was all about so over the summer I tried Twitter. I created an account @cjgermano and it did not take very long, I was hooked.  It was the summer after I finished grad school and I wanted to expand my PLN. That is  what I would use Twitter for-to expand my mind and find others who loved learning, sharing, and communicating. It started with two people and before long I was following ten people and a few publications.

Then something remarkable happened, people started following me. People I did not even know now cared about what I found important. These people are serious about learning and education. They want to look at and expound on what is possible in education. Technology fuels the learning but it is the human connections that are vital.

Twitter has brought me a whole new perspective of myself. It allows me to try new technologies, be the person to encourage others, and allows me to ask others for help when I can not figure things out for myself. I am grateful that I came to this realization. Although I can not access Twitter at my current employment I plan to use Twitter now and in the future as a resource. The power of sharing is so great I strongly encourage others to try signing up for an account. Find people you share an interest with and then follow them. You too will begin to grow.  Good luck.

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