That one word can cause so much frustration, kill creativity, and keep education locked into the 20th century way of learning. I welcome the day when administrators truly understand what teachers and other educators are trying to accomplish by giving them the freedom to explore and share using social media sites such as twitter. One concept educators should all promote is the ability to connect, explore, and share with others from all around the world. Often times sites or tools are off-limits to educators and students. So how do we change that? I for one think it comes from dialogue, if you find yourself being blocked or prevented from access the best recourse is to try to start a dialogue with supervisors, administrators, and members of your own community. Awareness is the first step to achieving change. The equation includes the faculty.  As I collaborate with more administrators and members of the faculty understanding  will build and the greater support for change will result.  I am going to try to build support for change by educating parents at community meetings. My feeling is that if we teach students and parents  how to use social media properly the risks will out way the dangers.  Change also comes from those who were there before me. If you have been down this road and have any advice I would like to hear from you.

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