First Day

School started today and I have to say everything went very smooth. The students showed no signs of the jitters and the faculty and staff had their game faces on. This year my idea was to try out my new flip camera on the students. The district mandates parental approval  for any computer use and media/image reproduction. That pretty much cuts students away from the computer unless the parent comes in and I can get their signature on the district parent release form.  I did get lucky and get one student’s parental okay. At the end of the day,  it was time to write todays reflection I had that one student with the parental permission do a video recording. I thought this was better for the following reasons: 1.  It records her expression which  I think is  more powerful than words alone 2. Her response was much longer than any of her counterparts who were writing.  What I got out of this  exercise is that it can be a launching point for other writing activities in the future, there was more to build on and the students were very into it. What do you think?

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